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UVa on iTunes U

Yes, there’s. Today is Day i… i from iTunes U. My job is now on iTunes U after several months of work, cry, shout people and too many times to send all to shit.

Today at 4 AM I have recived a mail from Cupertino telling me that our iTunes U site is now listed. So for now, my job is finish… for now… because this job need continuos food, podcast and videopodcast from everybody.

But for now, it’s a happy day. I must send the press release (because no one here wants to do it, it’s very complicated know what iTunes U is and it’s better to stay looking at the old baby video from 5 years ago), respond my phone and everythings that I know.

You can enter into our iTunes U site (there’s a iphone version too, off course all done by my without help, as always) or enter into the iTunes U Store.

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