Help to Haiti

I’m not quite sure why, but in other catastrophes like the Haiti one they will have no influence on myself, but this have take out my heart. Not sure why, but I’m very worried about it. I have dream about it (with my own problems too) and I have a feeling about help them.

As a good friend say, maybe it’s not time to help, because I’m not sure what can I help. I’m a technician, not a doctor or something. But maybe later will be time to take a trip to Haiti and help to up communications or somethings… because that’s my work.

I will take some information about how can I help them in a near future, and… maybe, it’s time to go a couple of months there. They need me or that’s what I feel.

For now, I think it’s time to give money for they… like the way in the iTunes Store, where the money you put will be multiplied by 100 for Apple. Later, time will tell

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