January 2010

These days I work in a podcast/tutorial about OSX Server. Ok, I haven’t post here because are in spanish and I’m the worst podcaster of the world, but I think […]

I know that I’m not the only who hasn’t imagination, but at least I know a little CSS for do some tricks to my WordPress Theme. But for the others, […]

A boss must know when it’s time to cry and when it’s time to thank. A good boss must know that in his work there’s not friends. When you are […]

There’s a step that you always must do before starting a project. The step is called: inspiration. So, before starting a web, you must see what others do. This is […]

There’s days that you need something to be done. There’s days that you want something to be done. But, there’s days where nothing will be fine. What you want it’s […]

Oh dear!, JQuery is an important part of your new web, I know… but it’s nearly impossible to know and do things that you see in other webpages because… because… […]