People and people

There’s lot kind of people in this world but I will refer two. Today one thing that I wanted, people must think that one project, one web page that help an IRC channel was more part of theirs it’s done.

Yes, as I say before I need a new server so for those people who live in the channel #mac (I think) it was a great idea to help with cost. This way, the server will be more “part of they”. But at my surprise (well, not all my surprise) only two persons donate money, me and other (who wants to be anonymous).

It’s obvious why me, because it will be at my house. But the other help because thinks it’s a just cause because channel #mac help him lot of times. I thanks him a lot, not for the money because it show me that there’s people who haven’t the “spanish ways of life” and like to help others.

The others are the “spanish way of life”. Are envious, don’t like other be best, only help others if they can be help more. In one word they are selfish (I think this is the correct word). Spain is full of this people who only think in theirselfs. Usually are angry all time and don’t like others.

I will thanks again the other kind of person, because I don’t think that there’s good people around. He make me think on people again. Thanks.

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