About what to do on your life

Maybe it’s because I have not sleep to much, maybe because here it’s monday-wednesday… but this morning when I got up from bed I began to think what I’m doing here, in this work.

Yes. I’m in the middle of all. I’m a IT and I work as a publisher. I’m a designer and I work as help desk. I’m creative but I work in a no creative way.

Last year I was able to change work, maybe it will be a worst work but I know I will feel needed on it. Here, I’m not sure if anybody need or doesn’t need me. My work is no important (like other works here) because been official is a work where (here, in Spain) people come, stay and do nothing… it’s work for losers. People who don’t know anything and if will be working outside will be fired come to be officials.

So, I’m not sure what I’m doing here, and now, it’s very difficult to change work. So maybe I must adapt my work to another and get out here as soon as possible. And let this work to losers.

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