Videopodcast from hell

Today, I was on my sofa with my laptop looking some podcast on my TV (with my AppleTV). But not great podcast, because if you see the directory from iTunes you can see that at least the 90% are “tutorials” and things that no one can see lying on the sofa.

Too much “serious” podcast that have no sense about life and no one with something “important”.

What’s important in a podcast?. Well a podcast must have something special who make the visitor look at they continuously. I’m not sure what it must be, but a podcast it’s like a TV show. A great TV show have something for the audience. A gang, a crazy people, interesting drama… not sure.. something.

But after seen lot of them, I began to think about take it again. Yes, I do videopodcast for my work, like the iTunesU channel that (I think) will be online soon. I do bad videopodcast about work buildings or about art for the university museum, but I have never do my own videopodcast (well only tutorials for the #mac channel) in a great style.

So, maybe… maybe…

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