Traveling so far

new hospital

From house to hospital and from hospital to house… that’s what I’m doing now. Yes, one of my family is on the hospital.

For other this will not be a problem… some time without working is nice, but I have too much work to do. These “little stop” makes me nearly impossible to make three videopodcast for iTunesU that users need, so, the project is stopped now.

I think I will try to do them on the waiting room of the hospital, but there I have other important problem. The cellular network coverage isn’t very good so I can’t use it very well.

Work is very important, and there (on work) I think it will be a very rare ambient… well, more rare than usually is. People don’t focus on work, and do it on take over the others, so don’t be there may be that some people that I know are insulting me. This can be a problem if others don’t know how these are, but others know that this people’s word aren’t real and important.

I will go to work this friday (black friday… I will buy something at Apple too) and I’m not sure what I will en count. Looky me.

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