The power of…

… Photoshop. I was one of they talk about a great photo. Yes, a great photo must not need to Photoshop, but after buying a camera of 99 euros (a Nikon S560, not a great camera) I begin to have some fun with photoshop.

This kind of fun is not based of be a best photo, it’s based on destroy information of the photo to do something creative. I wanted to buy some Lomo camera but take “paper” photo is something that take me out, so buying a basic camera it’s nice, because I can take (at least) 300 photos in a bad morning and do some Photoshop work on they.

So, being creative is using Photoshop not to “take” more information, it’s to destroy information of the photos.

You can see my bad work on my photo’s page or in Flickr.

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