Crying for love

My Macmini is almost death. The hard drive is plenty of errors and problems, the processor is exhaust (an old G4), the ram is… well, 1 Gb and… well… it’s an old, slow and full of problems computer.

Yesterday the system hard drive tell me that it was enought. They say that have 0 bytes free when there are about 19 Gb because all file system was damanged. So it was the first time in… maybe 5 years, that I put off this computer for a night and began to repair it in a great way.

Now it’s working again… but I’m not sure how long. So I’m waiting to buy a new server, a new Macmini Server with OSX Server on it and without optical drive.

That’s great because on work I’m testing Mac OS 10.6 Leopard Server on a virtual machine… and it’s easy and work fine. So I think I will buy it in 9 months, more or less… not sure, because it have too many host there and I ask some “monetary help” from the other hosts… and I know how spanish are… they think all is free, but it doesn’t.


  1. There was a big problem about webcache that… at least… was 60 Gb on the hard drive and make it crash… I have delete it and now, it works better.


  2. He visto algo de tu blog y tu “caído ” minimac … Yo tengo mi PowerBook a tope … Mejor vaciarlo en disco externo y meterle memoria , y que mas … Se le puede meter otro disco mas grande y de doble núcleo ..!!??


  3. Los powerbook son PPC y aparte en los portatiles suele venir el procesador soldado a la placa.

    Respecto a la memoria máxima, creo que la mayoria soportaban 4 Gb, revisalo en el manual que viene.

    El disco duro si lo puedes cambiar… pero mi recomendación es comprar el disco fuera (si lo encuentras) y llevarlo a un SAT, ya que el cambio es “complicado”.

    Si te atreves a hacerlo tu, revisa tu modelo en y mira los pasos


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