CMS is (not) only the future

There’s a new mode in web creation. I’m not talking about Web 2.0, this insane kind of focus in the web style that no one know what really is… because… what the fuck really is web 2.0. And not about talking what other “experts” say because “experts” use lot of words that usually they don’t know but sound in a excellent way.

But there’s another way or solution that is always applied to every problem. I say to use a CMS.

CMS is now a philosophical solution to eveyproblem. You need a blog? use a CMS. You need a buy/sell solution? use a CMS. You need a place where people must exchange ideas? use a CMS. You need a new car? well, use a CMS. CMS is a universal solution for all.

And it’s a mode because people who tell you that you must use a CMS really don’t know what a CMS is and if it will fix your need. Only it’s a kind of joker. CMS, CMS, CMS… that all you must ear from they.

And, if it’s a solution, they want you to use a opensource CMS because it’s free, you can use it for yourself without help and, of course, your users will fill all the data and you will not be over they.

In a resume… too much stupids and so few bullets.

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