Social life

To have some social life is important for everyone. There’s something like “the sims” where sims have something called “social” bar who need to be refilled talking with others.

Sometimes I think that my social bar is always “empty” and I don’t need it to be filled. Maybe I don’t need to talk to others, or I don’t need others to talk to me. Simply I think that I don’t need social ife.

I think that I fill it talking with other over internet. Social networking, twitter, IRC and all about is the only I need. I don’t think I’m rare… I’m only grow on a new era where people don’t need to talk others… or maybe I’m lonely. Yes, I’m a lonely one.

So, maybe my problem it’s that I don’t need others, I’m lonely one. Someone will don’t think that this is a problem, others will think that it’s a big problem. People who need others to stay “on” don’t know and don’t understand that there’s someone who doesn’t need others to be “on”.

So, it cannot be resolved in a easy way if you life with someone who are the opposite of you.

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