I see your politic kind

There’s two important newspapers on Spain. One is controlled by one politic and the other by the other (of course), Spain is bipartidicstic.

It’s nice to see one and other newspaper (online or offline it’s always the same). Now Spain is suffering something that it’s common on latin world, corruption… political corruption because latin people usually thinks on their own and not in others.

By the way, every politic group have the same problem; there’s always a bad apple on his own so one and other have some corruption problem.

Well, ones (newspaper) began to throw shit to the other political group when it began time ago, but now when the other newspaper can throw shit too it comes to do it. Now, seen the principal page of one of the other newspaper you can only see how stupid people is because they only are worried about telling how bad the others are.

So ones and the others are doing the same bad work and, of course there’s no difference between.

People past more time looking how bad others are doing things that looking at himself for do a better job.

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