2 girls and 1 cup


The title of this post is about one video who was very famous on internet and I think everybody have see it. But lot of people have do something interesting, like GH, record others seen the video, and of course you can see on youtube the most impresive responses… nothing important.


But important it’s that TV Series like Family guy who make lot of winks about internet and social networking, about old TV shows and about freek ones it’s, like other series, some place where people need help and of course money. So, it’s important say that Microsoft have buy an entire episode about Windows7.

Now, Microsoft is getting in a new way thanks to the Zune and the XBox looking more to young people that old one, not like wine creators who look after old people and not getting new ones.

Time in changing, the old products are changing to a new ones and people look to other places.

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